Meet our team members:

Scot Sheely - CEO, Multimedia Specialist

Scot Sheely founded Interactive Media Gurus in 2002 after working for more than 30 years in audio, video and computer industries. He is an accomplished musician who has played guitar for the United States Air Force Band as well as the beach music group The O’Kaysions, who had the #5 hit song “I’m A Girl Watcher”.

After running his own regional sound & lighting company in the early to mid 1990’s, Scot sold the company and returned to computer tech support as well as full time video production starting back again in 1995 until the present. He created Interactive Media Gurus in 2002 once again focusing solely on video and multimedia content production, leaving the computer tech world behind.

He continues to lead his team members as an active participant in all phases of video pre and post production, screenwriting, directing, photography, narration, graphic and sound design.